• Series 5

    John Deere Series 5 Tractors are versatile machines ideal for small-scale farming, horticulture, municipalities, livestock farms, and stables as well as  for most agricultural and forestry activities. These robust, flexible, and versatile machines provide perfect solution for transportation, maintenance of pasture and food, loading operations, crop protection and extended field work, without compromising comfort or …

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  • Series 6D

    John Deere Series 6D Tractors are high-tech, robust, and efficient equipment. These tractors were designed realizing all the technical expertise and knowledge of the John Deere farm. The series model is equipped with all the necessary options. Our three models – 100, 110, and 125 HP – show an excellent quality / price ratio. Their …

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  • Series 6J

    The best tractors are the perfect combination of a powerful and economic engine, an efficient transmission, multipurpose hydraulic system, modern electronic system, and an ergonomic driving platform. All these characteristics describe the John Deere Series 6J Tractors.  Designed with an integral frame, they are extremely versatile and allow you to perform a variety of applications. …

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  • Series 6E

    The John Deere Series 6E tractors are designed with an integral frame for farmers who want simple and durable machine coupled with great performance. The design of this tractor combines its beauty with the convenience and comfort for the the operator. The hood allows easy access to engine components that require frequent monitoring. These tractors …

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  • Series 6M

    To help you gain efficiency on a day-to-day basis, the series 6M tractors have been made to perform exceptionally in the field and on the road. Besides the level of quality, sturdiness, and reliability, these John Deere tractors display new innovative functionalities that strengthen their versatility, power, and efficiency. The 6M tractor’s resistance will meet …

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  • Series 6B

    The new 6B series combines reliability and flexibility. This tractor gives you exactly what you want without making you pay for the features you do not need. You can find quality in this tractor in all areas: performance, availability, comfort, operator’s station and operating costs. This all-terrain tractor was developed to work on African terrain. …

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  • Series 7J

    The 7J series tractors offer you a mix of power and technology for your agricultural needs. From the cabin to the tires, the 7J series have been developed to provide excellent performance to meet productivity requirements. From the control layout to its operator-friendliness, this tractor series will make your work extremely comfortable. With two transmission …

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  • Series 7R

    Discover the John Deere 7R Series that includes two models of 210hp and 230 hp. The 7R Series combines the versatility of a utility tractor with the power of a tractor for row crops. Features include a new frame that allows you to ballast the tractor for the transportation of sugarcane, a front hitch and …

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  • Series 8R

    Available from 245 to 370hp, the John Deere 8R Series promises an even more productive future. The PowerTech PSX engine allows for innovative fuel economy without compromising the performance. The 8R Series tractors have a versatility that makes them extremely efficient in heavy-duty agricultural applications. Equipped with Powershift or CVT box, on wheels or on …

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  • Series 9R

    Imagine a high-tech innovative tractor developing up to 560 horsepower, ready to tackle your toughest agricultural tasks with relentless ardor. – A remarkable power from 410 to 560 hp – Comfortable quiet and spacious cabin – Exclusive John Deere technology of ActiveSeat (AirCushion suspension system for track models) – Hitch-lifting capacity up to 9 070 …

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Sugar Cane Harvesters

  • Sugarcane Harvester CH 570

    John Deere recently introduced the CH570 cane harvester which was a result of reengineering the 3520 to better serve customers’ needs. With its outstanding comfort and advanced cane handling system the CH570 will provide improved returns for your operation by increasing the total tonnage and quality of cane delivered from your field during the whole …

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Sugar Cane Loaders

  • 2254 Cane Loader

    The 2254 John Deere loader has the most powerful engine of all cane loader models in the world. This loader develops 220 hp and provides a high stability allowing it to have the highest reach of the industry and the largest holding capacity. The 2254 loader picks up the cane and loads it with a …

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  • 1850 Cane Loader

    The 1850 John Deere cane loader has been designed for maximum efficiency and performance. This loader provides the flexibility of a self-propelled machine with the powerful John Deere 4045T engine. The hydrostatic transmission provides smooth operation in the toughest conditions. The 1850 John Deere loader also offers a modular design, making its maintenance faster and …

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  • S Series Combines

    Discover the new S series. If you want to achieve the highest level of performance, the new S Series is the model for you. Under the elegant design of the new S series, each component and system have been designed for reliability and optimal productivity. • New Variable Stream Rotor, the most advanced axial threshing …

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  • 1175 Combine

    John Deere 1175 combines are recognized for their performance, quality, ease of operation, and low operating costs. The engine of this combine is specifically designed for agricultural applications. The engine components such as the cylinder heads, intake and exhaust, and the pistons are designed for combustion efficiency and provide high performance with low fuel consumption. …

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  • Gators

    Muddy tracks, incredibly steep slopes, starting in extreme temperatures: the John Deere gators have proven year after year that they are safe, reliable and work on all terrains. They have earned a reputation for sustainable vehicles with an unsurpassed quality. They are a pleasure to drive with a practical use. You will not find anywhere …

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  • Disc Harrows

    • Gregoire Besson VSL Disc Harrow

      Thanks to its high penetration and laceration capacities, the Gregoire Besson VSL disc harrow series is ideal for the destruction of large volumes of woody plants (and even bushes). Its V shape allows it to burrow deep and optimize the decomposition of plants in the topsoil.    

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    • John Deere 660 Disk Harrow

      The John Deere 660 disk harrow has an adjustable front gang angle of 18°, 20°, 22°, and 24°. This lets you set the disc to different field conditions. Heavy duty sealed gang bearings, “Dura Flex”, keep all the components lubricated and free of dust and dirt. Adjustable scrapers keep the blades clear of material, allowing …

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    • Gregoire Besson Timberdisc

      The use of the Timberdisc can delay the growth of vegetation in a wood plot. It also helps prepare the soil before sowing or planting. The discs break down the first 15-20 centimeters of the soil by performing an essential organic matter mixture. The speed of use of this tool makes it a very efficient …

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    • John Deere 225 Disc Harrow

      The John Deere 225 disc harrow is a reliable partner. The adjustable hitch allows you to work directly behind the tractor or on each side. The working depth can be regulated with the tag axle.

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    • Gregoire Besson VPRC Disc Harrow

      The VPRC disc harrow must be used with 140hp to 230 hp tractors. Its range of work extends from 3.60 to 5.20 m. With a weight of 130kg the VPRC has a strong penetrating power essential in difficult and dry conditions.

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    • GreenSystem Disc Harrows

      The GreenSystem disc harrows are available in 16 or 22 disks. The working depth is 100 mm to 150 mm. The weight of such harrows is respectively 485 kg and 590 kg. The front and rear discs for both models are adjustable.

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  • Spring Cultivator

    • GreenSystem Spring Cultivator

      The GreenSystem tine cultivators are available in 9 tines and 13 tines. The working depth is 100 mm to 175 mm. They have strong springs for better shock absorption and reversible points for increased profitability.

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  • Moldboard Plow

    • Gregoire Besson Moldboard Plow

      The Gregoire Besson Series R moldboard plows combine adaptability and reliability. The design and study of forms optimize traction power while guaranteeing quality of tillage and soil penetration in all conditions. The optimal use of this implement offers significant savings on wear parts.

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  • Disk Plow

    • John Deere Disk Plow

      The John Deere models 635 and 645 disc plows’ sealed bearings prevent dirt from entering inside and thus ensure reliable performance, durability and no maintenance.

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    • GreenSystem Disk Plow

      The GreenSystem disc plows are available in 2 and 3 disks. The maximum working depth is 280mm. Their weight is 280 kg for the 2-disc version and 375kg for the 3-disc version. Both models have a robust and effective scraper disc for the sticky soils.

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  • Row Crop Cultivator

    • GreenSystem Row Crop Cultivator

      The GreenSystem row crop cultivators are available in 2 – 4 – 6 and 8 rows at 0.9 m (row spacings are adjustable from 0.762 to 1 m) and also with 2 and 3 rows at 1.5 m, and with 2 and 3 rows at 2.3 m (adjustable spacing).

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  • Baler Round and Square

    • John Deere Balers

      The John Deere balers are the product of many years of experience in feed harvesting. Enjoy an exclusive design, quality pick-up, feeding at constant pressure, increased tightening, and reliable bonding. The balers 623 series (round balls) and 359 series (square balls) are also very easy to maintain for very high productivity.  

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  • Back Hoes

    • Agriway Back Hoes

      The Agriway BH series back hoes fit in the back of your tractor to dig trenches or to load dirt. This back hoe allows 180° rotation. It is equipped with a double cylinder, a three point linkage, and independent hydraulic stabilizer legs.

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  • Rotatory Cultivators

    • Agriway Rotatory Cultivators

      The Agriway Series B, M and P rotatory cultivators are designed for tractors from 30 hp to 120 hp with skids, universal 3 point hitch, side transmission by chain (B series) or gears, and single speed gearbox or 4-speed gearbox PTO 540 r.p.m.

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  • Rotatory Harrows

    • Agriway Rotatory Harrows

      The Agriway RH series rotatory harrows are designed for mid range power tractors. These harrows are equipped with a cardan shaft with safety bolt and a cage roller. They are available with spike roller or roller packer option.

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    • Gregoire Besson Rotary Harrow

      The Gregoire Besson VKE and VKE K (folding) rotatory harrows have a working width of 3 to 8 meters and are ideal for soil preparation after plowing and for sowing on pre-loosened soil. The VKE model is ultra enduring because of its one-piece gear housing (8mm thick) and driving system through helical pinions. The whole volume …

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  • Tractor Mounted Choppers

    • Kemper Tractor-Mounted Choppers

      High profitability and a wide range of uses are the  marks of the Kemper’s tractor-mounted choppers. Many thin-stemmed crops for animal feed or the production of bio gas can be harvested, even under very difficult harvesting conditions. A row-independent harvesting system with fast-running rotors allows uninterrupted cutting over the full working width. The cutting rotors, …

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  • Sub-Soiler

    • GreenSystem Subsoiler

      The GreenSystem subsoilers are available in 1 or 2 tines. The maximum depth is 550 mm and the width is 1200 mm. This machine is equipped with shear bolts system to protect the tines.  

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  • Disc Ridger

    • GreenSystem Disc Ridgers

      The GreenSystem disc ridgers are equipped with a traditional three point hitch and are available in 2 and 4 discs. The working depth of these machines is between 250 mm and 300 mm respectively and working width of 300 mm to 850 mm and 300 mm to 1000 mm respectively. The discs are 6 mm …

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Planters/Seed Drills

  • Planters

    • Miniair Nova Vegetable planter

      The Miniair Nova is offered on fixed horizontal hydraulic folding frame and with working widths from 2.0 to 6.5m. The design was taken from the frame of the widely proven Monopill. In order to reduce the cantilever, the support wheels of the frame are placed at the rear of the beam. The frame height can …

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    • John Deere Planters

      No one ever wants a mistake when it comes to planting. That’s why John Deere offers a wide range of planters that provide a perfect seed distribution. Each model is equipped with the “MaxEmerge” and “VacuMeter” technology optimizing its reliability and accuracy. Operators also benefit from the batch controller “SeedStar” 2, which, combined with the …

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  • Seed Drills

    • John Deere Seed Drill

      The John Deere 1590 seed drill is a versatile tool that allows you to do simplified seeding, direct seeding, and associated fertilization. The 1590 John Deere seed drill is available, depending on the country, in three models with working widths of 3 m, 4.60 m and 6.10 m. This allows a variable spacing between rows: …

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    • GreenSystem Seed Drill

      The GreenSystem seed drills are available in 9 tines and 13 tines. The working depth is 20 to 40 mm and the capacity of seeding is 65 and 120 kg respectively. They are ideal for planting most cereals and for the culture of small grains such as wheat, soybeans and grass.

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    • Agriway Seed Drill

      The Agriway SD series seed drill offers tailored solutions to your needs thanks to the multitude of possible configurations in this model. These mechanical mounted cereal planters are available from 17 to 29 rows with or without fertilizer option.

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  • Self-Propelled Sprayer

    • Self-Propelled Sprayers

      The John Deere self-propelled sprayer R4030 is ideal for large farms and contractors wanting maximum productivity, outstanding spray accuracy, and unmatched versatility in terms of crop treated (fragile, high) and cropping systems. It is also a powerful, reliable, and comfortable tractor.

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  • Mounted Sprayers/Fertilizers

    • GreenSystem Mounted Fertilizer Spreader

      The GreenSystem mounted fertilizer spreader is available in 345 liters or 500 liters. The working width extends from 12 to 22 meters. The spreading vanes and the application management are adjustable to better match the working width. The rate is set by opening a hatch. These valves are ideal for granular fertilizers and small seeds.

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    • GreenSystem Mounted Sprayers

      The GreenSystem mounted sprayers are available in 400 liters and 630 liters. They have stainless steel booms: 8, 10 or 12 meters with nozzles spaced 50 cm apart. It is versatile and perfect for insecticides and herbicides.

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  • Trailed Sprayers

    • GreenSystem Trailed Sprayers

      The GreenSystem trailed sprayers have a 200 liters capacity and feature a lightweight stainless steel boom. The length of the boom is 12 m or 16m with nozzles spaced 50 mm apart. It is versatile and adapted to spray insecticides and herbicides.

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    • John Deere Trailed Sprayers

      John Deere offers reliable and durable trailed sprayers that operate on cutting-edge technology to multiply your productivity and reduce waste and costs. Our 700 series models are ideal for medium-sized farms. Compact and robust, they never let you down. Thanks to the low position of their vessel and their low center of gravity, they are …

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Front-End Loaders

  • Loaders

    The John Deere loaders are well known for their durability and seamless integration with John Deere tractors. Based on operators’ feedback and the evolution of the  tractors, John Deere now has created the all-new H series loaders. These loaders continue to offer the robustness of the former generations of John Deere loaders with an addition …

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  • Series C Carry-All Scrapers

    The John Deere Carry-All Scrapers have a standard bucket with a straight-blade configuration. Heavy-duty cylinders rotate the bucket when unloading for super-fast cycle times and peak performance.  

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  • Series E Ejector Scraper

    John Deere Series E ejector scrapers are built with heavy-duty cylinders that push the rear wall forward to unload material. The fixed blade is visible from the cabin for outstanding control in precision grading.

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AutoTrac GPS

  • John Deere’s Guiding System

    As your business grows you can benefit from the many advantages of GPS cutting-edge technology. Bear in mind that a good guidance system must be universal or integrated, and scalable. John Deere offers a complete range of affordable guidance systems that meet all the needs of farmers and entrepreneurs. Depending on the accuracy and signal …

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  • Sugarcane Wagon

    Sermag offers several models of wagons for the transport of sugarcane. Sermag trailers range from 1 to 3 axles.

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