Sugarcane Harvester CH 570

John Deere recently introduced the CH570 cane harvester which was a result of reengineering the 3520 to better serve customers’ needs. With its outstanding comfort and advanced cane handling system the CH570 will provide improved returns for your operation by increasing the total tonnage and quality of cane delivered from your field during the whole crop life cycle at a reduced cost.

The CH 570 sugarcane harvester is effective on any terrain; thanks to its John Deere Powertech 6 cylinders, 9 L engine with 4valves per cylinder developing 337 or 375 horsepower and designed specifically for agricultural applications. The CH570 cane harvester is available with wheels or tracks.


For a full overview of the features available please see the product documentation.

Sugarcane Harvester CH 570 Product Brochure

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