Series 7J

The 7J series tractors offer you a mix of power and technology for your agricultural needs.

From the cabin to the tires, the 7J series have been developed to provide excellent performance to meet productivity requirements. From the control layout to its operator-friendliness, this tractor series will make your work extremely comfortable. With two transmission options, a variety of tire choices, and all the technology present in this machine, productivity management completely in your control.

The choices in the selection of the axle ranging from 2.8 to 3 meters in width make these tractors ideal for the work in the sugar cane fields. All 7J models can be specifically configured for sugarcane work. These tractors are available from 195 to 225 hp.

For a full overview of the features available please see the product documentation.

Series 7J Product Brochure

Products shown might not be available in all markets. Please contact a Tuleu Consulting sales representative at to obtain information on product availability and pricing for your area.

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