Self-Propelled Sprayer

  • Self-Propelled Sprayers

    The John Deere self-propelled sprayer R4030 is ideal for large farms and contractors wanting maximum productivity, outstanding spray accuracy, and unmatched versatility in terms of crop treated (fragile, high) and cropping systems. It is also a powerful, reliable, and comfortable tractor.

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Mounted Sprayers/Fertilizers

  • GreenSystem Mounted Fertilizer Spreader

    The GreenSystem mounted fertilizer spreader is available in 345 liters or 500 liters. The working width extends from 12 to 22 meters. The spreading vanes and the application management are adjustable to better match the working width. The rate is set by opening a hatch. These valves are ideal for granular fertilizers and small seeds.

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  • GreenSystem Mounted Sprayers

    The GreenSystem mounted sprayers are available in 400 liters and 630 liters. They have stainless steel booms: 8, 10 or 12 meters with nozzles spaced 50 cm apart. It is versatile and perfect for insecticides and herbicides.

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Trailed Sprayers

  • GreenSystem Trailed Sprayers

    The GreenSystem trailed sprayers have a 200 liters capacity and feature a lightweight stainless steel boom. The length of the boom is 12 m or 16m with nozzles spaced 50 mm apart. It is versatile and adapted to spray insecticides and herbicides.

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  • John Deere Trailed Sprayers

    John Deere offers reliable and durable trailed sprayers that operate on cutting-edge technology to multiply your productivity and reduce waste and costs. Our 700 series models are ideal for medium-sized farms. Compact and robust, they never let you down. Thanks to the low position of their vessel and their low center of gravity, they are …

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