Major Contract with Republic of Chad

Tuleu Consulting Company is proud to announce its largest contract in the history of the company, which is the sale of 500 John Deere tractors and implements to the Programme National de Securite Alimentaire, which is the organization that manages the Republic of Chad’s national food security program.  An agreement was reached and finalized on April 5, 2013 for PNSA, on behalf of the Republic of Chad to purchase these tractors through Tuleu Consulting Company as the authorized John Deere dealer for west and central Africa.  As part of the sale, Tuleu Consulting Company will establish a John Deere service center in the Republic of Chad to provide aftermarket sales and service to PNSA and its customers, and begin what Tuleu Consulting Company knows will be a valuable and long standing relationship between all parties.

Tuleu Consulting Company looks forward to supporting President Deby in his continued efforts to obtain for his country self-sufficiency in agricultural and food products, and these state of the art John Deere tractors will help him move forward in realizing that dream.  The tractors consist of 200 x 5503 (0062PY) 4WD 75HP tractors, 150 x 5503 (0061PY) 2WD 75HP tractors and 150 x 6100D OOS (655DP) 4WD 100HP tractors. Implements such as discs and trailers are provided along with the tractors as well as spares to facilitate agricultural farming.